In recent years,the clinical verification of relevant studies on anti-HCV inhibitors (NS5A inhibitors) has shown that anti-HCV inhibitors (NS5A inhibitors) can be used to effectively inhibit viral replication, thus to exert the potential of treating HCV combined with other targeted HCV inhibitors.

All-genotypes new drug ZN6168 (NS5A target) is a small molecule drug for treating hepatitis C virus (HCV) developed independently by AB Pharma. Its structure is composed of three parts, including a primary structure and two asymmetric branched chains.ZN6168 is the protein inhibitor in the target NS5 of HCV which is a direct-acting antiviral (DAA)drug and can efficiently restrain the replication of all six subtypes of NS5A (For GT1-6, EC50:5-25pm). According to the results of pharmacological and toxicological tests, ZN6168 has anexcellent inhibitory effect and safety on the target NS5A, and its inhibitory effect is better than the other same targeted drugs, such as Daclatasvir. Especially for NS5A-3a subtype replicon, ZN6168 is more than 10 times stronger than the positive control drug Daclatasvir.

AB Pharma has completed the phase Ia clinical trial of the new drugZN2007targeting NS3/4A in the United States, and obtained the CFDA clinical trial approval in 2017. In addition, ZN6168 has also been completed domestic IND application. The phase I-III clinical trials of those two HCV drugs have been significant promoted in 2018, and all clinical trials are expected to be completedaround the end of 2020, and then start to sell.

Based self-strategic planning and R&D advantages, AB pharmawill continuously develop more innovative drugs for treating critical diseases in the following 3-5 years to benefit the patients and the society.

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