GMP platform
The headquarter and R&D center of AB Pharma Pharma is located in Shanghai with an area of 22acres, and has nearly 10,000 square meters of API R&D lab, preparation R&D lab, synthesis and optimization lab, Kg-Scale synthesis process amplification lab and the analytical testing center. The design and decoration of all laboratoriesarestrictly in accordance with the international GMP standard, and configured with the complete experimental production equipment, test instruments and other related facilities, and alsohas the excellentsystem management of R&Dproduction.
The preparation and API plant of AB Pharma located in Wenling, Zhejiang Province with an area of 100 acres. The design and construction of plant is also strictly in accordance with the international GMP standard,and configured withthe first-class experimental and production equipment, the test instruments and related facilities. 
AB Pharma is strictly in accordance with the international production standards of GMP andproducing all kinds of new drugs independently developed by ourselves. In addition, wealso can provide the service of the processing of API for clinical application and clinical trials, the Preparation R & D and scale-up production.

 Zhejiang factory full map

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